Towards WYD! God's way, leave behind sins and sorrows

The 4th formation meeting in preparation for WYD happened on the last day of April, the 28th, this time  at the community Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro (Our Lady of perpetual Help), in São Bernardo do Campo. The objective of this meeting was to deepen our understanding of the importance of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. 

 Before the meeting began, each participant received a few pebbles that should be held in hand, (putting it in ones pocket or placing them someplace was not allowed!) until further instruction. The meaning of this gesture was made clear in the opening prayer: they represent our hurts, sins and fears that we carry – things that happen in the life of every person, but that we have the choice to keep them in our heart or not. With the pebbles, the fact of not being able to let go of them during the prayer and later on during the songs that we danced to was uncomfortable. This showed in a concrete way the consequences suffered by those souls who choose to be attached to their sins. If we do not free ourselves from them, we become limited and lose the sensitivity and the capacity to discern between that which will cause us good our evil.

As for the biblical context for this formation theme, Caroline Silva (an mi youth), commented and reflected on the story of the prophet Elijah, found in the first book of Kings (in the Old Testament). In the beginning, Elijah strives to carry out God’s mission, seeking the conversion of non-believers, but at the same time, incites the people to hate and death for those who adore other Gods, in this story, the false prophets of Baal.

During his journey, Elijah observes the sin of others and ends um being “contaminated” – this makes him feel weary. After a certain point, he becomes so afraid that he flees and asks God to take his life. However, God, in His infinite mercy does not want to see us defeated, and sends an angel who asks Elijah to get up and eat – which gives him strength. This is what the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist do in our lives – the renew us, give us strength and make us free!

In this very way, renewed and free from evil, that we can help our brothers and sisters and become missionaries for God, bringing Him to those who are in need.

During the moment where we reflected on the life of Elijah, Father Eliano – a Father Kolbe Missionary of the Immaculata – joined us and did an activity where each person should write on a piece of paper 10 good qualities and 15 defects of theirs. Afterwards, asking the young people which one was easier to write, there was a balance of about half and half.

In the World, normally the majority of people find it easier to write their defects than their virtues, but for those who have God in their heart and faith in His Mercy, going beyond these shortcomings is not so difficult. Seeing the gifts God has given us with gratitude is done more easily. The Eucharist and the sacrament of reconciliation help us to get to that point. To receive Jesus in the Eucharist is to let him move in our lives – start to see more clearly, through God’s eyes. It includes error and falls, but more than this, learning forgiveness so that we can get back up. It means to love and because of this, to forgive, because only those who love are able to forgive.
Our formation also included, once more, music   from our music ministry – Face de Maria, who led us in worship during the whole meeting.
One more important step was given on our way to WYD. With few days still to go, our excitement grows, but certainly, through these formations, we will arrive with a ready spirit so that we may live this wonderful time of grace.

Carlos Henrique Parussolo Biancolini.
MI Youth

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